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Have you been eating all the right foods and exercising yet still can’t see the results that you deserve? Or maybe your once slim figure has changed after menopause even though you haven’t changed your diet or lifestyle? Perhaps as a man you’ve felt like you’ve got a “girly” shape to your flanks or chest. Or even if you don’t exercise but you just want to contour your body for comfort reasons like to stop inner thigh chafe.

You have come to the right place, we may have the answer you’ve been looking for! CoolSculpting is a non surgical fat reduction treatment that delivers PERMANENT results. There is minimal downtime and it is very discreet. Most people could easily do a gym session after their treatment. There is no need to take time off work or your busy schedule. It is completely non invasive and will not scar or require incisions. Click here to book your complimentary consultation today.

Although this client dieted and exercised religiously, genetics played a part in the layers of fat hiding her progress. After CoolSculpting, she has been transformed. You can see her hard work at the gym is now finally showing. How rewarding is that!

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Katrina is a coolsculpting Queen. I love her work ethic and her commitment to helping you fulfil your body dreams. As soon as you walk in to an appointment and state your body goal you can relax and let Katrina go to work. I’ve had amazing success eliminating the fat from ALL my problem areas, which personal trainers and perfect diet failed for decades to do. Frangelica Rhodes, Mooloolaba

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