Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoolSculpting?

What areas can I treat with CoolSculpting?

How long until I see my results?

This depends on how fast your body metabolises the dead fat cells. Usually results can start to be seen from 3 weeks up to 14 weeks after your treatment.

Does it hurt?

When the applicator goes on, the treatable area does feel really cold but you will go numb after about five minutes which in turn makes the rest of the treatment painless. Once the applicator comes off, your body will need to thaw out again. This feels like cold toes in a hot shower for about two minutes. Very bearable and no numbing is required.

What do I wear to my appointment?

Loose comfortable clothing is best. The treated area may feel a little bruised after treatment so avoid firm clothing.

How much does it cost?

The cost completely depends on how many applicators and which type of applicators are required for your desired result. No two bodies are exactly the same and our personalised approach allows for a tailored treatment plan to suit you. This can only be quoted once an assessment has been performed. For this reason, we offer a complimentary no obligation consultation.

How many treatments will I need?

A lot of people are really happy after one round of treatment however we always recommend to plan for two rounds. Generally speaking the first round is debulking and the second round is sculpting.

Can I got to the gym afterwards?

Yes! There is no down time with CoolSculpting. Listen to your body, depending how many applicators you have in one sitting, you may feel a little tender but it wouldn’t prevent you from doing anything.

Will I be able to hide that I have had it done?

Yes! Your treatment area will appear pink like if you held an icepack on the area but this will disappear within the hour. It is very rare to receive a bruise unless you are very prone to bruises. Slight swelling is normal and encouraged as this is an inflammatory response to the treatment however this would be more noticeable to you rather than anyone else.

How long does CoolSculpting take?

Our applicators take from 35mins to 75mins just depending which applicator is used. Full treatment time will be calculated at your consultation.

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