Meet your body contour specialist, Katrina

Katrina has been a non surgical body contouring specialist for 8 years. Her experience started while working for an elite Plastic Surgeon in Toowoomba. From here Katrina developed an expertise eye for body contouring and gained the skills for delivering the best results for her clients.

Quickly becoming number one CoolSculpting clinician in Australia, put her in the attention of the CoolSculpting distributor landing her a position as a clinical trainer for the company. Katrina was also the first Australian chosen to attend CoolSculpting university in San Francisco.

After many years working in clinics and as a clinical trainer, Katrina has opened her own clinic specialising only in non surgical body contouring, what she does best.

At Body Sculpt Clinic we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations with our extra touches and care that makes your treatment a complete experience. We always follow up and provide reviews to check how you are proceeding with your treatment.

It’s a proven fact that CoolSculpting works and works WELL! But your treatment is only as good as your clinician performing it. Placement and selection of applicators can change your treatment results from alright to woah, look out! You are in very experienced, safe hands with Katrina at Body Sculpt Clinic.

It has always been a dream for me to open my own CoolSculpting clinic. I have been able to add all the little extra elements to the clinic so that you not only receive the results that you are seeking but also have a wonderful experience. I am so excited to present to you Body Sculpt Clinic.

Katrina, owner

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